Challenging the digital entertainment industry

I wanna spread the word about a really exciting project my friends over at Sagen Interactive in Sweden are working on, that will need YOUR help in order to become reality. Their idea is to create a platform for distributing digital art, such as games, music, film and cartoons, but unlike any other similar platforms the content is free for everybody to use. What people who wish to show their support can pay for is upcoming content, so instead of paying for things that are already made you can help financing exiting new content, which then will be free for consumtion. Awesome, isn’t it?

Now, this is just in short the general idea of what it’s all about, and you will find out lots more by checking out their presentation on Indiegogo, but in order to get this project done they will need financing through crowd-finding. So head over to Indiegogo and check out their presentation videos, and other information. If you wish to donate, it will be an amout of your own choosing, but keep in mind: this is for a very good cause. Let’s set art free, and instead of giving our money to big bad corporation dudes in fancy suits who will only punish you with more insane DRM’s we can make sure that in the future a reasonable salary can be given directly to the artists who create the art and make sure that the money you spend on digital art is money well spent.

Here’s a link to their Indiegogo-site:

And I wish the best of luck to Sagen Interactive.

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