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Datle Quintet EP

Datle Quintet EP front coverOn October 7th Datle Quintet released their debut studio recording in the form of an EP. It’s four really great songs, performed by a fantastic group, and I got the honor of doing the final mastering for the EP.

The EP can be ordered from the Univocal Music webshop, or if you are in Jakobstad you can visit Centrum – den lilla saluhallen on Köpmansgatan 18, where Univocal Music sell a lot of cool music and merch.

Celestial Decay – QuantumX

I’ve recently been working as mixing-engineer and co-producer on the new album “QuantumX” by Swedish symphonic metal-band Celestial Decay, and as the album is pretty much done a teaser-video has been released on YouTube, with a cover of a pretty well-known old classic; Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. I’m really satisfied with the results and the album will be released on The Music Alliance later this year. I think we are all really excited for the release.

If you watch until the end there is also a medley of the other songs from the album.

Watch it on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_eQJTLjtgc

“Swan Song” – New EP by Porcelain Moon

Porcelain Moon EP “Swan Song” (2013)

I’m really happy to announce that finnish prog-rockers Porcelain Moon (a band I was previously a part of), have finally released the new EP “Swan Song”. The album contains four songs (a total of about 27 minutes) in, what I would call, a pretty classic but freshly interpreted progressive rock-style. The recordings goes back to a time when I was still playing in the band, so you will also hear my guitar-wailing on the album. I also took care of the mixing, co-writing and co-producing.

You can order the album from Univocal Music’s webshop:
The webshop only handles orders within Finland but if you want to order outside of Finland, just send an e-mail to niklas@univocalmusic.com.

Here are some samples from the EP:


The following post regarding a survey-study for my university degree only conciders those who speaks or understand swedish, so I’m going to switch language now.

Hej alla. Jag håller på med mitt examensarbete på Högskolan Dalarna, och gör en undersökning om människors förhållande till musik, och hur man använder musiken i vardagliga sammanhang. Studien baserar sig på teorier och tidigare studier om hur människor reagerar på musik, både mentalt och fysiologiskt, och som grund använder jag mig av en enkätundersökning.
Därför vill jag be alla er att svara på min enkät som man kan hitta på adressen: https://survey.enalyzer.com/?pid=rpb7nas7
Det tar bara ett några minuter, och den är till för alla oberoende av bakgrund och ålder. Dela gärna med er av länken, jag vill försöka få in så många svar som möjligt.

Tack på förhand!